Saturday, March 29, 2008

Seven PSP Download Sites Reviewed - Only Two Passed Our Tests

Which is better? You decide.

We've reviewed Seven PSP download sites and we've narrowed it down to these two...

PSP Download Center

It's got the largest collection of PSP games and movies we could find anywhere
We were able to find all the newly released game and movie titles that we searched for, along with tons of older titles
Something else that's particularly nice is it's got an excellent selection of MP3's and MP4's available
Also, check out the smooth, intuitive user interface, that allows you to perform several different searches at once
All versions of firmware are supported, that's a big deal, so we like that in particular
We found we could convert existing DVD's to the PSP - works with any DVD regional encoding, and even works with encrypted DVD's!
Download TV shows, wallpapers for your PSP, game cheats, demos, online magazines and hints and tips and plenty of software for the PSP
We really liked that it has an excellent choice of bundled software, movie/mp3 players, etc.
There's also an excellent set of on-line tutorials and user manuals provided, giving clear, step-by-step instructions on how to download and copy all your favorite movies, games, music, etc.
Something else that's freakin sweet is it gives full technical support to members provided via email, the PSP members forum, live online chat and a toll free technical support phone line - no other site gives you all this!

Click Here To Visit PSP Download Center

PSP Video Guide

This is definitely one of the most popular PSP download sites we've found with great customer feedback and soaring popularity!
It also has a great selection of games and movies for your PSP
We've found that this is a great site to download software emulators for the PSP, as well as backgrounds, screen savers and themes
There's a good selection of MP3's and DVD-quality movies available here
We could easily perform several different searches at once
We especially liked the easy to follow VIDEO tutorials
We tested their customer service. One word: excellent.

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